MINK League Summer Baseball League

   Missouri Sports Betterment's, doing business as the Jefferson City Renegades, mission is to better the sports facilities available to our youth as well as bring professional quality sports to Mid-Missouri. Over the past several years we have worked diligently to better the sporting opportunities for our community. In the summer of 2016 we were accepted into the MINK League, a collegiate wood bat summer league and will begin our first season in 2017 playing home games at Vivion Field in Jefferson City. As a non-profit organization we will need your help through donations to support and fund our community's team, the Renegades.  All proceeds go to funding the team's expenses such as travel, bats, baseballs, and umpire costs.
   For many people, baseball is a nostalgic sport. You may have a fond memory of playing little league ball, attending a Cardinals or Royals game, or listening or watching a game on TV with your family and friends. The game of baseball brings inspiration and comradery to our youth, teaching them life lessons that will stick with them through adulthood.
    Sports can unite a family, friends, and a community. For the past 10 years, operating baseball teams and organizations, promoting sports and athletics, baseball has been our passion and part of our careers. It is with this experience and passion that we the founders will bring a MINK League collegiate wood bat baseball team, to the community of Jefferson City, Missouri and the surrounding communities of the Mid-Missouri region.
    We hope that the Jefferson City Renegades project thrives over the coming years to come and that we are able to hopefully one day provide a new stadium for the community. All of this takes hard work and dedication from a variety of volunteers. A special thanks goes out to our volunteer board and our founding members. Thank you for generous support and donations; we look forward to seeing you on the field.

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