MINK League Summer Baseball League
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​The Missouri-Iowa-Nebraska-Kansas (M.I.N.K.) Baseball League is a collegiate, wood bat summer baseball league consisting of nine teams.  Currently, six teams are from Missouri, three from Iowa. The league was formed in 2009 and is affiliated within the National Baseball Congress.  The MINK League provides access to additional innings for college players looking to gain more experience with high competition to sharpen their skills for their next college season or entry into the professional ranks.  Players come from all over the USA to live with host families in their respective communities.

Missouri Teams

Jefferson City Renegades

Sedalia Bombers

St. Joseph Mustangs

Chillicothe Mudcats

Joplin Outlaws

Nevada Griffons

Iowa Teams

Carroll Merchants

Des Moines Peak Prospects

​Clarinda A's