Responsibilities of Host Families:  ​ Host Families are required to provide housing for their player(s) over the course of about two months during the summer (late May-late July).  Host Families should also provide:

-A bed for each player and a bathroom which may be shared.

-Access to your house, usually a key or garage door opener.

-You may prepare meals for your player(s) at your own discretion or, at least, have food available to your player(s) so they can prepare their own meals. 

-A washer and dryer are generally necessary but other convenient ideas may be considered.

 -Host families are not required to provide a vehicle to players. Many of the players will have their own car, so a place to park will be necessary. If the player does not have a car, you may choose to lend him a vehicle, but that is entirely at your discretion and risk.

Become a Host Family

Renegades Home

The Renegades are very thankful to their volunteer families who open their doors to our players every summer!

Importance of Host Families:  As our players embark on their summer baseball season they come to our community to play and immerse themselves with Jefferson City.  Our host families are their guide to the community and offer a sense of family for our players who could be far from their homes. The goal of the program is to help players adjust to moving to a new area, assist them as they get acquainted with the Jefferson City community, and provide a safe and stable living environment.  These relationships built over the course of the summer can become life long relationships and create long lasting memories for the host family and the player.

Interested in becoming a host family? Fill out the form below. Host families house our players during their stay in Jefferson City, it is a great assistance to provide a home for our hard working athletes during their stay here in Jefferson City. Host Families are also provided with complimentary season passes to all Renegade home games.

MINK League Summer Baseball League