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For many people, baseball is a nostalgic sport. You may have a fond memory of playing little league ball, attending a Cardinals or Royals game, or listening or watching a game on TV with your family and friends.

Personally, I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago as a White Sox fan. That said, my first memory of seeing professional baseball was at Wrigley Field. It’s not the score I remember from that night, but the experience. We took the “El” to Wrigley to watch the Cubs play the Mets and we sat in the upper deck down the first base line. The time I spent bonding with my dad and the sights and smells of the ballpark helped me fall in love with the game of baseball.

We don’t think kids should be robbed of that experience just because they live in Mid-Missouri. There’s a void in family-friendly entertainment in Mid-Missouri, but we think the Jefferson City Renegades can fill that void.

​- Steve Dullard

Thank you to our founding contributors, their generous donations and support has helped to propel our project to bring great baseball to Jefferson City.

​West Main Pizza, Madison's Café - Rob Agee and in Memory of Max David Bassinson, Don Irwin, Clay Hager, Jim Cooper, Denny Atwell, Patricia Dullard, Amy Dullard, Justin Drone, Kathryn Rush, Trevis Rush, Bill Young, Danny King, Brant Bukowsky, Jan Harbison, Andrew Warbritton, Dustin Warbritton, Cari Dunklee, Christopher Schappe, Judie Didriksen, Rachel Hays, Mike and Lauren Winemiller, Logan Haupt, Kasey Lay, Brandon Rust, Gary Stewart, David Frahm, Rex Eighmey, Curt Pendleton, Shelby Bethards, Todd Hohenstreet, Jeff Turpin, Brenda Scaccia, Bradley Toebben, Cheryl Wallace, Robert Boillot, Kerry Branch, Travis Branch, Victoria Verhoff, Brandon McElwain, Dustin Rogers, Matt Amick, Katherine Catlow, Steve Nelson, Tom and Lindsay Boyd, Dave Rehagen, Todd and Michelle Rodmeyer, David Frahm, Gary Stuart, Jeremy Lane, Warren Krech, Jeannie M Dudenhoeffer, Michael Gerling, Stephen Miner.

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